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Fresh, locally grown produce available year round right here in the Fall River area!
  All of our products are grown with LOVE

   As more and more stories were popping up on the news about food contamination and the dangers of pesticides, buying produce became more and more of a gamble.  The Squillante family set out to find a way to make fruits and vegetables without chemical poisons or the gamble of contamination for their own family – and Urban Acres was born! Urban Acres is a family owned business that has developed a way to use Fall River’s famous mill space in a whole new way. Using a highly sophisticated hydroponic method of growing vegetables and other produce indoors with 100% organic pest control methods, we were able to create the perfect growing environment. 

We soon realized that our hydroponic system not only allowed us to avoid chemicals and contaminants, but also gave us better tasting and more nutritious produce.  We are able to hand mix just the right nutrients to optimize plant growth and flavor.  Thanks to our climate controlled growing environment we can allow all produce to ripen right on the vine and be picked at the peak of perfection!

Once our system was underway and our family was happily enjoying the “fruits (and vegetables) of our labor” we were bombarded with friends and neighbors wanting to get their own chemical free produce.  We realized we could expand and grow enough to share – by taking the idea of a CSA to a whole  new level!

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   L ocally Grown
  O rganic Pest Control
  V ine Ripened
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