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What is a CSA?
CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a concept where consumers can buy their agricultural products directly from the farmers that produce it, but they “support” the farmer by sharing in the risk. A traditional CSA allowed for the expansion of traditional farming by taking the “risk” out of it for the farmer.  We are a big supporter of this initiative and we know how it has made fresh and local produce available to many people.

How is your CSA different from a traditional CSA?
Here at Urban Acres we take out the “risk”.  In a traditional CSA you pay for your share of the crop whether or not a successful crop is produced. Because we grow indoors and are able to control the climate and the introduction of any contaminates, we’ve brought the risk down to almost nothing,  AND we offer a guarantee, so that if for any reason we are unable to deliver the guaranteed products for that week, you will receive a credit towards a future week ~ you can’t get much less risky than that J.

What is the advantage of locally grown produce?
Here at Urban Acres we like to grow fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables, not costs and contaminations! Growing locally allows us to cut costs right from the beginning by reducing the need for transporting the produce.  The produce in the supermarkets travel hundreds of miles to get there and for every mile traveled, the cost and the risk of contamination increases.  And less traveling also means less time from plant to consumption, meaning your produce will be at the peak of nutrition when you receive it.

What do you mean by “Organic Pest Control”?
Urban Acres uses absolutely no non-organic chemicals for pest control.  By not being outdoors and diligently not introducing any “dirt” into our facility, we have greatly  decreased the chance that any “pests” will get into to facility.  In the rare instances that we do need to control pests, we use only organic all natural methods of pest control.

What type of Pest Control do you use?
Thanks to our ability to control environmental airflows and the introduction of dirt and other “icky” stuff into our grow area, our need for pest control is limited.  When we do need a little extra help in that department we turn to natural oils that bugs just don’t like the smell of, natural friendly insects (like lady bugs) and letting our kids and grandkids run around with fly swatters and butterfly nets… (don’t worry, we clean the kids thoroughly before letting them into the grow area…)

Are you really able to grow fresh produce every week of the year?
We control the climate in our grow area so the short and sweet answer to that question is… you betcha!


Why can traditional organic fertilizers be a problem?
Traditionally, organic fertilizers use manure, compost and worms to grow produce without the use of chemicals.  While this limits the chemicals in your vegetables it still leaves the produce open to an array of other possible contaminants. Using animal byproducts means whatever the animal had is now in their “byproducts”…


Ok, I’m convinced, how can I be a part of this risk free way to get some super nutritious, chemical and pesticide free fruits and vegetables for my family?
Just fill out the order sheet and come by our office!  We offer packages for three times a year but right now, for as long as we have spots available, we are letting new customers get in on the deal in the middle of a package period (we just prorate the price for what you missed).

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