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Our “Risk Free" CSA combines the traditional aspects of Community Supported Agriculture by relying on the relationship between the members and the farmers with the new bonus of being risk free for everyone!Ladybug Icon

Urban Acres offers great produce in two different types of packages to fit everyone’s needs!

CSA Package: Ladybug Icon

For people on the go, the CSA package offers a quick pick up a premade packages.  Every week you will get a surprising and delicious bunch of our veggies and exotic items, and at least on extra *bonus*!  The CSA package is available in 10 or 20 week increments.
____ 10 week package $ 275
____ 20 week package $ 525

 Ladybug Icon All Packages can be picked up the Durfee Union Mills Complex, Building 8 on the first floor.  We have several pick up times to choose from to offer plenty of flexibility! Ladybug Icon


A few disclaimers… Ladybug Icon

  • All of our in house grown produce is guaranteed to be chemical pesiticide free. Sometimes we get bonus items from some of our friends, and these will be clearly marked with the appropriate guarantees.
  • We guarantee 10 items every week, but we can’t necessarily guarantee what types we will have available, it all depends on the crops that week!
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